1. skatin’ angels

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    80s Jet Fighter airbrush artwork by Mark Wilkinson (part of his “Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors” cover for Fish)

  4. metal sluggs

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  5. this is a beautiful exploration of a visual collage of a singular genre


  6. mightygoodroad:

    A student recently found me on LinkedIn and asked me about working in comedy. This is what I wrote back:

    The toughest thing about leaving school is that you no longer have a clear context to succeed - in school you take a class and get a grade, and you feel like you’ve accomplished something…

  7. the 90s are back…

    or did they never leave???


  9. surreal family photo session.

    - rotoscope: you don’t have to be able to draw to make animation
    - what are characters hiding?
    - you don’t have to resolve the conflict in the short, you leave them wanting more

  10. sky slice