1. cool corporate typography brought to you by THE MAN

  2. Cinematography of The Incredibles

    …it’s incredible!

  3. devidsketchbook:


    Charles Wilkin (tumblr) lives Brooklyn, New York. - Born in Buffalo, New York Wilkin has been a working collage artist for over 15 years. Several of his pieces are currently in the permanent collections at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Hamburg, Germany and in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. When Wilkin is not working he is busy keeping bees, practicing speed metal guitar and is currently contemplating getting a pilot’s license. 

    oooh what if there were videos underneath? COOL IDEA TED

    (via underwaterstepmom)


  4. "And when that progress stops, it will hurt. Progress cannot continue on a straight path forever. It will meander… As long as you get back up again and try, things will never be over."


  7. What if what you thought was gonna happen didn’t happen? but it also did?



  8. "Make every film as if it were your last."
    —  Me, paraphrasing Tilda Swinton


  10. "I do a lot of speeches now, and I always start by saying, ‘I will tell you the secret to life. Every day you wake up, brush your teeth, drive to work, work your butt off, come home, watch TV and go to bed. On weekends, you party and then start the week all over again. The key is to inject out-of-the-ordinary experiences into that backdrop. Go someplace with people you hardly know. That’s the secret to life: Inject life with these new experiences. Scare yourself a little.’"
    — Michael Sheldon CEO of Deutsch